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Boogaloo Blues - Johnny Colon

Titel : Boogaloo Blues

Artiest(en) : Johnny Colon

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1967

Label : Cotique

€ 15,90


At the time (1967) of this album, Johnny Colon was a young trombonist just getting his start – working in the turbulent late 60s Spanish Harlem scene, and picking up on the wide range of styles going down in the hood. At one level, he was a straight player with a love for the sound of the early 60s descarga era – but at another, he was a young kid absorbing all the soul, funk, and drug influences that were coming out of other groups at the time. The result is a really amazing album with a slow, sinister groove that`s unlike anything else we can think of. Tracks roll over one another with uncanny beats and a sad and soulful feel – shifting between English and Spanish to reflect the speech patterns of the members of the band – and really opening up with some killer grooves that have made the album a treasure for years
A1. Boogaloo Blues (6:56)
A2. Jumpy (5:44)
A3. Mira Ven Aca (4:55)
A4. Descarga (4:00)
B1. Guantanamera (6:09)
B2. Mi Querida Bomba (6:18)
B3. Judy Part II (4:56)
B4. Canallon (3:26)