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Charanga & Pachanga! - Hector Rivera

Titel : Charanga & Pachanga!

Artiest(en) : Hector Rivera

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Label : Epic

€ 15,90


Heavy Latin numbers from the great Hector Rivera – hiding under the guise of a simple dance record! Back in the late 50s and early 60s, Hector was always getting tagged for the big fads by labels – and made to produce albums that had him jumping on a dance fad bandwagon, like cha cha or charanga. But despite this situation, Hector always managed to bring a huge amount of his own talent to the sessions, and this album, like others of the sort, crackles nicely with a hard Latin sound that never quits! The charanga grooves are firmly in place, but Hector`s handling them with more percussion than you might expect – making for a set that`s as lively as it is sweet and classy
Side 1:
A1. La Pachanga     
A2. Magic Is The Moonlight     
A3. Mi Pachanga     
A4. Cielito     
A5. Sweetie Pie     
A6. Tumba Que Tumba
Side 2:    
B1. Petite     
B2. El Regreso     
B3. La Boa     
B4. Una Pachanga     
B5. Tu Pollito     
B6. Me Voy Pa Maron