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Injusticia - Peliroja

Titel : Injusticia

Artiest(en) : Peliroja

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 2014

Label : Chulo

€ 25,00


Producer and guitarist Jacob Plasse has united some of his old friends - players from the Daptones, Pedrito Martinez Group and Los Hacheros - to form Peliroja, a New York collective inspired by the sounds of Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Congo. Their debut album Injusticia will be out August, 2014 on Chulo Records, a label devoted to the transcendental sounds of New York Latin music.
Side A:
1. Bohemio     
2. Injusticia     
3. Situaciones     
4. Se Equivoco     
5. Te Wa` Tumbar
Side B:     
6. Honor Enjendrado     
7. La Fobia     
8. Mal Carrusel     
9. Ciudad De Nadie     
10. Ingrata Conclusion