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Mama Calunga - Johnny Sedes LP

Titel : Mama Calunga

Artiest(en) : Johnny Sedes LP

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1969

Label : Andale

€ 17,90


Johnny "Juan" Sedes’ shines here on his hardest to find 1969 Fonseca Records solo album Mamá Calunga. (The original LP consistently auctions for triple digits.) Recorded in the heart of New York City in 1969, the album features Fonseca’s hand-picked top up-and-coming talent like Ricardo Ray with veterans like Candido Camero. Packed with Latin dancefloor fillers, Mamá Calunga delivers the goods with killer desgarga, guagaunco, mambo, guajira and jala jala, sure to make heads bob and feet move! This is the first reissue since its original Fonseca release 45 years ago.
 Recent interviews with Sedes tell his story as young prodigy in Venezuela, who after tasting the New York Latin scene in an earlier visit, returned in ‘67 to develop his career. He recorded a Vitin Lopez LP, one of the first with “Salsa” in the title, with pianist Ricardo Ray and singer Bobby Cruz, who were on Fonseca’s label. Fonseca saw the opportunity to record Sedes’ music with Ray and Cruz again and so Johnny Sedes And His Orchestra was formed for their Mamá Calunga debut.
With Sedes-blown saxaphone over a cast of later-to-be Latin all-stars that include vocalists Chivirico Davila, Leo Gonzales, and Bobby Cruz, pianist Ricardo Ray, trumpeters Pedro Rafael Chaparro and Don Palmer, saxophonist Mario Rivera, and percussionist Candido Camero, this Fonseca reissue is a gem from the era and a uniquely Venezuelan addition to ¡Andale!’s reissue series.

Side A
1. Carupano Canta (3:48)
2. Dos Cascabeles (4:09)
3. El Manicero (5:35)
4. Guajira Dancers (3:56)
Side B
1. Le Verdad (5:09)
2. Mama Calunga (2:18)
3. Acere Voz Quiere (2:30)
4. Te Vas Bolero (4:00)