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Mi Montuno - Willy Rodriguez

Titel : Mi Montuno

Artiest(en) : Willy Rodriguez

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1966

Label : Andale

€ 17,90


1966 LP, canta Adalberto Santiago. Willie Rodriguez at his 60s best – driving his combo with a fire and fury that few other Latin leaders could match! The grooves here are raw and tight, right from the start – a recasting of Cuban descarga modes into an even tighter combo setting – with percussion leading the way on just about every cut, topped with some sweet horn solos and vocals by a young and soulful Adalberto Santiago! The album`s a real shining jewel in the early catalog of Fonseca Records.
Willie Rodriguez had a long and successful career as a trumpeter and bandleader. His start, like so many New York musicians, was at Fonseca, whose recordings fostered the “hard sound” that would lead the transition from Boogaloo to Salsa. Of the many singers Rodriguez played with was the legendary singer Adalberto Santiago, featured on this LP. Santiago, too, would fulfill a long career in the spotlight of the New York Salsa scene, singing with Ray Baretto, Tipica 73, Los Kimbos, and The Fania All Stars.
"Mi Montuno" is a dance-heavy album. Out of 8 tracks only one is a down-tempo bolero - the rest holds curachas, montunos, and even a mozambique. Its hard, Afro-Cuban music and yet has the slick, knowing, and then-contemporary New York edge that Rodriguez so expertly presented in these Fonseca recordings.
Side A
1. Colorin Colorao (4:44)
2. El Ritmo Lo Trigoyo (5:52)
3. Suertate La Lengua (3:23)
4. Fuego De Amor (4:38)
Side B
1. Monte Adentro (2:41)
2. Mi Montuno (4:42)
3. Mozambique (2:52)
4. El Cimarron (3:53)