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Puerto Rican All-Stars Featuring Kako - Kako

Titel : Puerto Rican All-Stars Featuring Kako

Artiest(en) : Kako

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1964

Label : Alegre

€ 15,90


1964 descarga-mambo LP on Alegre (Fania). A smoking descarga session from the 60s – one of the best albums ever by percussionist Kako! The album explodes with wonderful jazzy playing, and features 4 very long tracks that are stuffed with great solo work on piano and sax – bubbling over in heavy percussive excitement, with the best Latin jam session feel of the 60s! With Kako on percussion, Rafael Ithier (EGC) on piano, Roberto Roena on bongo, Milton Cardona on timbalers, Mario Ortiz on trumpet and lots more...
Side A:
A1. Abaniguito (Descarga) (vocals – Chivirico Davila) (8:05)
A2. Descarga En Puerto Rico (vocals, Chivirico Davila) (8:35)
Side B:
B1. El Pollo (Descarga) (vocal, Chivirico Davila) (5:20)
B2. La Tombola (Descarga) (6:45)