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Tell It Like It Is - Johnny Zamot

Titel : Tell It Like It Is

Artiest(en) : Johnny Zamot

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1967

Label : El Sonido

€ 16,90


1967. A heck of a great little boogaloo album – and one of the few 60s sides by the legendary Johnny Zamot! Although cut for Decca, the album`s every bit as tight and soulful as contemporaneous work for Tico, Fania, or Cotique – and the set features a similar blend of English lyrics, Latin rhythms, and a nicely gritty Spanish Harlem approach to the music! The horns cut wonderfully into most of the tunes – blasting out with a soul instrumental sort of vibe, while the lyrics tackle simple themes of love and lust. (El Sonido)
Side One:
1. Baby, Bring It To Me (3:24) boogaloo
2. Tu Baila Boogaloo (3:49) boogaloo
3. You Cheated On Me (2:40) boogaloo
4. Harlem Boogaloo (3:10) boogaloo
5. Munneca de Los Ojos Verde (3:27) mambo
Side Two:
1. Latino Baby (4:20) instrumental
2. Caminando (3:05) boogaloo
3. Hey, Girl (2:34) boogaloo
4. Johnny`s Boogaloo (4:14) boogaloo
5. You Dig (2:32) boogaloo