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Viva Soul - Harvey Averne Dozen

Titel : Viva Soul

Artiest(en) : Harvey Averne Dozen

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1968

Label : Atlantic

€ 18,90


1968 wicked album of Latin Soul tunes – recorded by Harvey Averne, one of the heaviest hitting producers of the New York scene of the late 60s! The album`s one of the few that Harvey issued under his own name, and it features him on piano and vibes, working with arrangements by Marty Sheller, and a tight batch of studio players who cook up the grooves in a classic Fania/Tico style! The album`s got some very groovy originals – like "The Micro Mini", "You`re No Good", "My Dream", and "You Mess My Mind Up" – plus some sweet little covers, like "The Think Drink Theme", "The Word", and "Wishing & Hoping" – all of which come off like some of Willie Bobo`s best work of the time!
Averne produced hit albums for Fania Records, including Ray Barretto`s classic boogaloo LP Acid. But when it came time for Averne to record himself, Fania decided to partner him with Atlantic Records, the king of New York`s R&B labels. The resulting album, Viva Soul, plays up the rhythmic strengths of Averne`s band and invited in African-American doo-wop singer Kenny Seymour, formerly of Little Anthony and the Imperials.
1. You`re No Good (2:49)
2. Think It Over (2:36)
3. Monday Monday (2:32)
4. My Dream (3:00)
5. Wishing And Hoping (3:14)
6. The Micro Mini (2:12)
1. Shake Your Money Maker (2:45)
2. You Mess My Mind Up     (2:45)
3. The Think Drink Theme (2:48)
4. Make Out (2:43)
5. The Word (2:40)
6. Free Advice (2:48)