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Greatest Hits vol. 1 - Nicky Jam

Titel : Greatest Hits vol. 1

Artiest(en) : Nicky Jam

Genre : Reggaeton

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Sony

€ 18,00


Though cleverly titled Greatest Hits, Vol. One, this set is actually a new catalog entry form the reggaeton innovator from Puerto Rico. Containing ten tracks, it features seven singles such as "Voy Berber," "Trevesuras," and "Curiosidad." In addition, the final three cuts offer skillful remixes of "Travesuras Remix" (with J. Balvin, Zion, Archangel, and De La Ghetto), "Piensas a Mi" with Luigi 21 Plus, Yelsid, and Jory), and "Voy a Berber" (with rapper Nejo). Jam, who in the 1990s was one of the first to really put hard reggae in reggaeton, now adds more than a little cumbia to the mix as well.
1. Si Tu No Estas (feat. De la Ghetto)
2. Travesuras
3. Voy A Beber
4. Peinsas En Mi
5. Curiosidad
6. Juegos Prohibidos
7. Tu Primera Vez
8. Travesuras remix,(feat.  Arcangel/Zion/J. Balvin/De la Ghetto)
9. Piensas en Mi remix (feat. Jory/Yelsid/Luigi 21 Plus)
10. Voy a Beber remix (feat. Nejo)