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Salsa Pa`l Mundo Entero - Ray Rodriguez y Swing Sabroso

Titel : Salsa Pa`l Mundo Entero

Artiest(en) : Ray Rodriguez y Swing Sabroso

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2015

Label : Swing Sabroso

€ 18,90


When Sax Player & Orchestra Director Ray Rodriguez, founded the group”Swing Sabroso” in the year 2000, his intention was to create a band of optimal musical quality for the enjoyment of the most demanding dancers & listeners of modern Salsa worldwide, in the same fashion as his idols; Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto and Tito Puente did during the 70’s & 80’s.
n this dynamic production there is Salsa for all the different tastes within the genre’s landscape. For those that prefer Hard Salsa, you have the spicy tunes “Salsa Pa’l Mundo Entero,” “El Hijo Del Tambor,” “La Musica,” “No Quiero Nada,” with a lot of street flavor, and the Ray Barretto classic “Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba.” For those who prefer Romantic Salsa, there’s the poetic tunes “Enamorado De Ti,” “All of Me,”(a John Legend cover) and “Perla De Amor,” vocalized by the young soneros Angel Rios, (Puerto Rico) Fernando Pinto (Peru) - with great feeling and swing.
With invited guests: Hector Davila, Ruben Rodriguez, Richie Viruet, Chris Washburne, Eric Velez, Ray Colón, Willie Ruiz, Pablo "Chino" Nuñiez, Jorge Maldonado, Ray Viera and others.
1. El Hijo Del Tambor
2. Salsa Pa`l Mundo Entero
3. Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba
4. Sonado Con Puerto Rico
5. La Musica
6. No Quiero Nada
7. All of Me
8. Enamorado De Ti
9. Mi Perla De Amor